Polka dot a-line dress

I felt creative today and finally finished a dress I started working on last week. It’s a simple A-line dress in an awesome polka dot fabric. I saw this cotton fabric in a store and just had to get it. I didn’t know for what, but that didn’t matter much. If it’s polka dots I have a hard time saying no.

So I had about 2 yards of this fabric sitting at home and I was just waiting for the right project to come along. Well, here it is!

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Probably the best zipper tutorial EVER

I never understood the whole zipper thing. Like many things in life, the theory of what a zipper does and how it sits in your garment was clear to me but the practical aspect (how do you get the zipper there????) was a big mystery. So I tried and tried, and tried some more until I realized I may be better at putting snaps in to close up whatever I sew. Continue reading Probably the best zipper tutorial EVER

baby activity pillow

This is a recap of one of my first sewing projects: a baby activity pillow. It rustles when you touch it only so slightly which makes it a great baby gift. I used some fluffy fabric and a different patterned cotton fabric to make a nice 9-patch. Basically, the pillow is one giant square in the center framed by four patterned stripes and four small squares. The front and back of the pillow are the same but you could also just make it one solid fabric.

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