baby activity pillow

This is a recap of one of my first sewing projects: a baby activity pillow. It rustles when you touch it only so slightly which makes it a great baby gift. I used some fluffy fabric and a different patterned cotton fabric to make a nice 9-patch. Basically, the pillow is one giant square in the center framed by four patterned stripes and four small squares. The front and back of the pillow are the same but you could also just make it one solid fabric.

The idea behind this pillow was that I wanted the baby to have something that addresses his senses. The pillow rustles, it’s soft and fuzzy (and un-fuzzy too), it’s light…. I filled the pillow with soft batting and in the middle, basically under the big blue patch, i put in several crumbled up “balls” of baking parchment paper. The balls were each slightly smaller than a baseball.

It’s so simple and yields such a great effect. Since it’s parchment paper the pillow can also be washed and put in the dryer (gentle cycle / low heat setting).



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