Probably the best zipper tutorial EVER

I never understood the whole zipper thing. Like many things in life, the theory of what a zipper does and how it sits in your garment was clear to me but the practical aspect (how do you get the zipper there????) was a big mystery. So I tried and tried, and tried some more until I realized I may be better at putting snaps in to close up whatever I sew.

Fast forward to my discovery of Pinterest and the twenty thousand zipper tutorials floating around. I pinned most of them but still wasn’t convinced I could do it. Until I was sewing a dress that needed a zipper – or otherwise I would never be able to put it on.

So I scoured through my zipper tutorials and found Mellysews’ tutorial. People, let me tell you, the gates of heaven opened and I saw the light. The very first zipper I put in using her method was exceptionally. It fit, looked VERY pro and all in all it was a 5 minute affair (probably the most shocking of it all).

If you struggle with zippers, go over to Melly’s, read her tutorial and then try for yourself. Your life will never be the same. 🙂



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