For now the chaos remains

I think I am addicted to fabric. As you can see in the picture (despite the terrible lighting), I have A LOT of fabric. On top of that I have supplies to make about 20 handbags, about 5 unfinished projects – two of which are quilts – and I have a whole bunch of projects in my head. Continue reading For now the chaos remains


Happy Birthday Anderson!

You know I’m in grad school and don’t have time to sew much right now (way to go starting a sewing blog just before classes start again! *eyeroll*). But then there’s life, and promises you made to dear ones about presents you will give and pant you will hem and items that you said you’ll sew by the end of the month and that was three months ago… Continue reading Happy Birthday Anderson!

Grad school = no time to sew

I know I have not posted something for a while. School started up again and being full-time and working part-time is a lot of work. While I would love to sew I often don’t have the brain power or the time to do so. Hopefully this weekend will bring some respite and I can get some creative work done. Continue reading Grad school = no time to sew