Grad school = no time to sew

I know I have not posted something for a while. School started up again and being full-time and working part-time is a lot of work. While I would love to sew I often don’t have the brain power or the time to do so. Hopefully this weekend will bring some respite and I can get some creative work done.

The above picture is from a recent fabric delivery. Yes, just because I don’t have time to sew and just because I’m close to being broke does not mean that I’ll stop buying fabric. 😉 Sales get the better of me (and my wallet).

Some of this fabric will end up being used in bags, some for clothing one one kind or another. Right now I have this urge to upcycle clothes…don’t ask why.

Anyways, I saw these beautiful fabrics and I just could not say no. Now I have even more fun fabrics to work with. Yay!

More posts of creativity to come soon (hopefully)



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