Happy Birthday Anderson!

You know I’m in grad school and don’t have time to sew much right now (way to go starting a sewing blog just before classes start again! *eyeroll*). But then there’s life, and promises you made to dear ones about presents you will give and pant you will hem and items that you said you’ll sew by the end of the month and that was three months ago…

Well, today I found out that a friend of mine worked on the 4th floor of the Navy Yard building in which the shooting happened. For some reason I thought he was working somewhere else. He lost three close colleagues. Thankfully, he is alright but shaken up.

hooded bath towel
hooded bath towel

I didn’t think this tragedy would hit home that closely. And as soon as I heard, I realized I had to turn to my one outlet that has always managed to keep my mind off of things (thanks to the enormous brain power I need to be sewing halfway decently).

A is for Anderson
A is for Anderson

So here it is, my birthday present for little Anderson who turned 4 two weeks ago. It’s a hooded towel with an A on the back. Don’t look too closely at the A though – I cut it freestyle and applications are not my strong suit anyways. But I like it. So I wore it. 😉

hooded bath towel
hooded bath towel

Happy Birthday and happy healing to all affected by Monday’s events.



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