Happy Halloween from the Bumble Bee

Halloween Bumble Bee
Halloween Bumble Bee

This year I wanted to be a bumble bee and I wanted to make my own costume. Silly me did not realize that I didn’t have much time to do this so I turned out to be a bee without wings but hey, people STILL knew I was a bumble bee so that’s pretty neat.

I started out cutting 7 inch stripes in black and yellow (4 each) and sewed them together. I ironed all the seams to the dark color, folded the fabric in half (along the long edge) and sewed the opening close. This gave me a big tube which essentially turned into a dress, once I cut the armholes and neck.

For the bottom part, I folded over the hem about 3/4 in and sewed once around to create a hem, leaving a small opening of 1 inch to be able to insert elastics. I used elastics that was about 1/4 in wide and threaded it through the pipe created in the bottom hem. This gave the whole bottom part a more puffy look (almost like a balloon skirt).

bumble bee costume up close
bumble bee costume up close

As you can see in the picture, the costume is pretty wide but that’s because when I was sewing it, we had temperatures in the 40s and I knew that for hours of trick or treating, I would have to dress in layers. I was ready to wear a sweatshirt underneath and wanted enough space for it.

Well, needless to say, it was 72 degrees and I was sweating in my black turtleneck and thermal tights! Maybe my costume didn’t fit as great as planned because I didn’t wear a sweatshirt but I rather look a little wrinkled up than having it snow or rain on me!

I went trick or treating with a whole bunch of international students and we had fun! We walked along Embassy Row in DC which, if you are not familiar with it, is an avenue where many embassies are located. Most were open to welcoming trick-or-treaters and we made it a point to learn how to say thank you in all the different languages. We started out with Indonesia, went to Haiti and Guatemala, we were in the Dominican Republic, South Korea, India, Belize, Chile, Norway, the Netherlands, and many, many more. Plus lovely neighbors of those embassies also welcomed us. It was truly a blast and I enjoyed it!

Oh, and the Vice President drove by. In his motorcade of course but boy, that was a highlight too. Those who knew it was “just the VP” didn’t dare to tell the students who were overly joyful for having “seen” President Obama that that wasn’t him. Many of them have only been in Washington for 10 weeks so it’s all still very new to them. It was great to see their excitement at everything “American” and “Washington DC”.

I ate most of my candy on the way home 😉 where we had trick-or-treaters until 9pm. Loooong day!

Hope you had a fun Halloween and a great start into November.



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