Mess no more

organized fabric stash

Remember this mess?

my stash of fabric
my stash of fabric

Actually, that picture did not do the mess justice but you can sort of tell that it’s just piles (and bags) of fabric. some are stored folded, others are wrapped onto cardboard. colors and prints are all mixed together like there’s no tomorrow and oh yeah, i went fabric shopping SEVERAL TIMES despite having way too many projects lined up already.

Well, last night after I finished 2 assignments for grad school, I decided it’s time for my stash to get organized. So I took all the fabrics out to the living room (my sewing space is that book case and my sewing machine immediately next to it (on the right). I have no room to move or cut fabric where I sew. I think I am pretty much confined to 1m2 (11sqft).

Anyways, I folded every fabric and started making piles (solids, prints, non-cotton….). eventually, i was done folding and had to realize that all my fabric looked “shrunk” when all folded up nice and neat.

Oh well. I carried it back to the book case and voila, here’s the result:

organized fabric stash
organized fabric stash

You can tell it’s more fabric than in the picture before but do you notice that the bottom shelf is virtually empty??? Awesome! That will be my space for some small items like my patterns and kam snaps and all of those goodies.

It was great to see all my fabric again. I admit, I had forgotten about some of my purchases but I would NEVER forget my owls.

cute owls
cute owls

I actually have a whole pile of just owls…does that mean I’m addicted?

Hope this post motivated you to get started on organizing your sewing room!



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