Obsessed with owls

owl loop scarf

I love owls. On fabric that is. They are so cute and innocent and did I mention cute?!?!

owl loop scarf adult and child size
owl loop scarf adult and child size

When I cleaned up the mess that is my fabric stash I realized I have quite a bit of owl fabric. So I decided to put it to good use and make loop scarfs for my sister, my niece, and myself. That way we can all dress alike despite living an ocean apart. I happened to have a jersey in a teal color that matched the owl’s wings so the decision on what fabrics to use was easy.

owl loop scarf
owl loop scarf

My niece’s loop is a little smaller (112cm x 20cm) and the adult version turned out to be 160x20cm. I think next time I might make it a little shorter but not by much, maybe 15-20cm or so. I don’t like the loop to be too tight.

Basically, you cut two strips of fabric, sew them on the long sides (right sides together), turn it inside out and sew the openings together. Sewing the openings together is the trickiest part and takes some patience if you don’t want the seam to show. But if you don’t mind that, you’ll be done even faster.

Love the way these scarfs turned out – I promise I’ll give you a picture with me wearing it!

owl loop scarf - close up
owl loop scarf – close up

My sewing machine was a diva as soon as I wanted to sew the second scarf. The threat ripped every inch and I could not figure out why. I changed needles, changed the thread, changed the bobbin, cleaned the machine….everything to no avail. I eventually gave up…only to try again after dinner while listening to old detective stories on NPR. Whatever it was, my diva was behaving well again and I managed to finish my project. Yay!



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