this is what i do when i procrastinate – pillow tutorial

pillow case front
soft pillow case
soft pillow case

I should be doing grad school work, really, I should. The semester is winding down and final papers are due…but hey, I have to keep my mental health in check too. Hence, I got back to my piles and piles of fabric and decided to be creative.

pillow case front

pillow case front

I’ve been meaning to make a pillow case for a while now but never got around to it until last night. So here it is, my first pillow case with a hotel closure (I think that’s what it’s called…you know, that overlapping closure instead of one end being open or having snaps or a zipper to close it).

cozy pillow back closure
cozy pillow back closure

I made it for a boy but when I selected the fabrics I realized a lot of what I had was girly-ish so I tried to remain color neutral. Worked somewhat. But whatever, the point is, I wanted to make a soft pillow, so I used fleece for most of the fabric. Only the circle fabric is cotton.


I drew the K by hand, cut out the shape and then applique’d it with the machine. Once done, I realized that I had bought wonder under to try (never worked with it before) so that’s when I decided I wanted to make another pillow.

The front measures:

13×9.5 (owls) – 2 pieces

6×9.5 (circles) – 2 pieces

The back measures

8×19 (smaller back piece, tucked under) – 1 piece

14×19 (larger back piece, fully visible) – 1 piece

I started piecing the front together, giving the seams a good dose of my heated iron once done. I also applique’d the K onto the larger back piece and hemmed the edges that would be at the closure of the pillow case. I then put the front and larger back piece right on right together and pinned the shorter back piece right side down over the larger back piece.

Then, I sewed around all 4 sides, trimmed the corners and voila – it’s a pillowcase measuring 19×19 inches!

Love it! It’s soft, it looks great, and you can place it with the back side visible also.

soft pillow case
soft pillow case

On to making more pillow cases!



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