Pillow case with applique

elephant fabric

Obviously, I could not stop making pillows after that first one. So I looked on my list of Christmas goodies and realized I had another pillow project to work on. 

elephant fabric
elephant fabric

My grad school friend and partner in (school project) crime mentioned a while back that she really likes elephants. So when I discovered this beautiful elephant fabric during my last shopping trip, I knew I had to get it for her.

I decided to make the front of the pillow with just elephants and the back in a subtle color and some elephant appliques. I had bought wonder under a while back and decided to give it a try for this project. I measured a strip wide enough to cover 2 elephants and followed the iron-on instructions.

elephant pillow
elephant pillow

Actually, I thought, I did it wrong because the sticky part was not really visible on the fabric. I could feel it though so I just gave it a try. I cut out the elephants and some flowers and ironed it onto the right side of the gray fabric. Once that was done, I went around each figure with a short zig zag stitch, juuuuust to be sure in case the glue didn’t stick.

Then I put the fabrics right side together, sewed once all around and voila, a beautiful pillow is born.

elephant pillow
elephant pillow

Happy sewing,



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