Thank you MOOD

mood price tag

I spent the last few days in New York City, thinking we’ll be there for New Years Eve. Well, we had to cut the trip short but still had a great time. Continue reading Thank you MOOD


Finished the tablerunner

table runner

Remember me being stuck finding a pattern for a table runner? Well, sometimes it helps to put a project down and not think about it for a few days. Continue reading Finished the tablerunner

Mug rugs a.k.a. my fallout shelter got some siblings

We are visiting friends in New York City for New Years and I wanted to make something personal as a gift. Since I have not done a mug rug yet, I thought now is the time. So I made my first attempt last night and this was the result. Continue reading Mug rugs a.k.a. my fallout shelter got some siblings

pattern stuck

patchwork table runner version 1

I’ve been meaning to do a Christmas themed table runner for a while now and today was the day. I cut my strips and started sewing. And then, I was stuck. I don’t really know what happened, but I had this glory idea of what it would look like and now it looks nothing like it… Continue reading pattern stuck

Patchwork table tops

patchwork table top

Who would have thought that life during grad school winter break can be so busy? A birthday (the scooter placemats were a hit), a visit to the ER (we are regulars there, unfortunately…the last 5 months have not been kind to us), a poster proposal for a conference…I am busy! Continue reading Patchwork table tops

The day of the seam ripper

coin purses

I knew this wasn’t the day to sew when I had to bring out the seam ripper after sewing exactly ONE seam (with a zipper involved nonetheless). Yeah…and then I had to use it again because I managed to pin the fabric to the wrong end of the zipper…again.

Oy!  Continue reading The day of the seam ripper

Scooter fabric – love it!

scooter fabric

School is over and I finally have time to catch up on some presents. Over Thanksgiving I made 24 cup cozies for everyone who worked with me this past year on grad school projects. Yep, grad school requires A LOT of teamwork. But it was fun (mostly) and I wanted to thank people who helped me.  Continue reading Scooter fabric – love it!