Scooter fabric – love it!

scooter fabric

School is over and I finally have time to catch up on some presents. Over Thanksgiving I made 24 cup cozies for everyone who worked with me this past year on grad school projects. Yep, grad school requires A LOT of teamwork. But it was fun (mostly) and I wanted to thank people who helped me. 

After that was completed, I had one week left to write my final 3 paper. I submitted them Saturday and since Sunday I’ve been back in my sewing refuge.

It’s my boyfriend’s birthday on Sunday and while I have a gift  he actually wanted, I also wanted to make something personal.

scooter fabric
scooter fabric

I found this fabric online a while back at and could not resist. Obviously NOW I wish, I had gotten more but back then, I couldn’t order as much as I wanted to. Anyways, today was the day I was going to turn this fabric into something useful.

My boyfriend is a scooter lover. He rides both motorcycle and scooter but back in 2012 he did something nuts: he rode cross-country from Washington D.C. to Savannah, GA and from there to San Diego, CA on his scooter. From sea to shining sea. And back. I know, it’s nuts. He did not plan on doing this (as most crazy things go). He just wanted to be on the road for a day or two with this scooter rally he signed up for (scooter cannonball run) and he liked it. So he rode for another day. And then another day. And eventually, he was somewhere in Arizona thinking he could actually make it to California. Well, sure enough, he did. And then he turned around because unlike everyone else who came prepared to the rally (with support teams to transport gear, tools, and personal luggage), my boyfriend just had his backpack for clothes and food, and a laptop. It was epic, let me tell you! He made it home safely 21 days after he had left and it was amazing to hear his stories.

By the way, totally unprepared, he ended up finishing as #22 of the pack. Pretty amazing.

Needless to say that when I learned to ride his scooter in Spring of this year I crashed it. Ouch. It’s still alive, thankfully.

scooter placemats
scooter placemats

When I saw this fabric, it reminded me of his trip. And for us to remember this great achievement I made placemats. The front is the pattern you see. The back is charcoal gray felt. It gives it a nice weight but OMG, felt and fabric cut on the bias are not best friends. You can see in the pictures that I messed up here and there but overall, I am proud of my creation. I hope he’ll like it.

scooter placemats close-up
scooter placemats close-up

Did I mention that I love this fabric? I just do. I mean, look at it!




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