Patchwork table tops

patchwork table top

Who would have thought that life during grad school winter break can be so busy? A birthday (the scooter placemats were a hit), a visit to the ER (we are regulars there, unfortunately…the last 5 months have not been kind to us), a poster proposal for a conference…I am busy!

Yet here I am, still cranking out Christmas presents. A few days ago, I finished a table top for my mom. It’s not my best patchwork ever, but it still looks nice.

patchwork table top
patchwork table top

It consists of 3 4-patches per row. I used fabric remnants that I had to make the 4-patches. Once they were done, I was playing with them to find a lay out I liked. Once that was decided, I sewed it together to get the top part. As for the backing, I did not want batting but I didn’t just want a cotton back either as this is often too flimsy. So I got my dark-blue felt out and used that. It is actually very nice to work with.

patchwork table top
patchwork table top

The dark blue works nicely with the colors I used in the front. I pinned the felt and started to stitch in diagonals towards the outer corners. Can’t really see it in the picture, gotta take a close-up. Anyways, once that was done, I folded over the felt and stitched that onto the top using a 1/4in seam allowance. The nice thing about felt is that it doesn’t fray so it really is super easy to work with.

I also finished a table runner for my almost-MIL.

patchwork table runner
patchwork table runner

The idea was the same: 4-patches from remnants and then playing with them to find a pattern. This is what I came up with. With this one I used batting which explains the “puffiness”. It’s not perfect either (far from it) and I really have to practice my stitch in the ditch technique (or rather, I have to work on my patience) but overall, it’s ok and it’s made with love. That’s what’s important.

I might make her some coasters or something in addition.





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