Thank you MOOD

mood price tag

I spent the last few days in New York City, thinking we’ll be there for New Years Eve. Well, we had to cut the trip short but still had a great time.

On this trip I actually made my first trip to Mood Fabrics on 37th St. You may know the store from Project Runway. Being a person that likes to touch fabric and just look at it, I had to prepare myself mentally for it but really, how can you prepare yourself for 3 floors of fabric?!

I went in with a budget and with a rough idea of what I wanted to get (patterned knits). Since Santa gave me a serger for Christmas I need something to work with once I got a hang of the machine.

Oh, it was heaven! So much to look at and touch! I didn’t even make it to their notions aisles because by the time I was done with the fabric, I was exhausted.

I got 3 kinds of knit jersey.

shopping at mood
shopping at mood

The one on the left will be 2 dresses, the one in the middle I want to use for a shirt or maybe a shorter dress, and the one on the right will be a cardigan and a shirt. They all drape and flow so nicely. 🙂

As for the price, I think for knits it’s OK. I paid $14 per yard for each fabric. Might not be a lot for you but I’m in grad school so I do need to watch my expenses. But it was worth it and I cannot wait to get started on these garments!

mood price tag
mood price tag

Happy New Year everyone!


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