TeenyTears Bereavement Diapers – Sewing for the smallest angels

Teeny Tears diapers

I know I have been absent for quite a while. I wasn’t doing too swell. The stress of the last six months was getting to me.

It took me a while to finish my latest project. In December, I heard about Teeny Tears, an organization that donates bereavement diapers (and sometimes blankets, hats, and other items) to hospitals and birthing centers. These diapers are for the smallest of babies that were either stillborn or died in the NICU. I can’t really tell you what drew me to this organization for there was no underlying cause. I like to sew and I like to make people happy with what I give them. The idea of being able to help families in their darkest hour is something that just speaks to me. If I can make a diaper for a little angel who doesn’t fit available diapers, and through this give him or her the dignity she/he deserves, why not do it? I can’t imagine the emotions of a family in such a situation and if my sewing can help them even a little bit then it was all worth it.

teeny tears diapers
teeny tears diapers

So I ordered the diaper pattern and a few weeks later got my first adoption request. A hospital in Maryland wanted 24 diaper sets. One diaper stays with the baby for the burial, the other diaper is for the parents to keep in a memory box. When I started to cut the flannel, I realized how tiny the diapers are but I have to say, it hit me again when I folded and pinned the diapers. I have small hands but even in mine the small diapers look tiny!

teeny tears diapers
teeny tears diapers

I picked cute ribbon to tie them all together, polka dot ribbon and hearts ribbon. Cute, he? I hope the diapers help the families. They are not perfect but they were made with love.

teeny tears diapers
teeny tears diapers

One thing I noticed was that people have a difficult time approaching the topic of stillborn babies or premie death. Conversations typically started with “So what are you sewing currently?” and I would say “Bereavement diapers for stillborn babies. I donate them through Teeny Tears.” and that was the end of the conversation. Makes me wonder, if people feel uneasy talking about this to me, who is not affected, what must it be like for families who go through this? Who maybe want to have this conversation as part of a healing process but only encounter awkward silence?

If you would like to learn more about Teeny Tears and maybe even get involved, check out their website!

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