Sisboom Judy’s Fancy Pants

Sis Boom Judy's Fancy Pants

So the other day when I managed to break my virtually new serger’s knife? I was working on Sis Boom Judy’s Fancy Pants. I had seen pictures of the pants on facebook and I was fascinated by the fact that they seemed to be easy to do, fit many different body shapes, and yes, the fact that everyone whas ooing and aaaing over them was fascinating as well. Continue reading Sisboom Judy’s Fancy Pants


When to stop sewing

When you are tired, when things just don’t seem right, when you have made little mistakes that you normally would not, THAT’S WHEN IT’S TIME TO STOP!

Of course we know this, and yet we (I) sew on. Well, my bad. I broke the upper knife of my serger so now I have to take a break. And there I was thinking that I was really making progress on my first pair of pants…

Now what’s even worse is that I didn’t realize until a few minutes ago that it’s not the whole machine that is broken. I can still sew, just not serge….aiaiai…I swear, my brain is weird today.

Happy sewing,


Fabric Shopping!

happy fabric shopping

A fabric store in the area had a deal on living social in Fall last year. One voucher for $25 bought you $50 worth of fabric. Sounds great, right? So I bought 2 for me and then a few days later, I was surprised with 3 more as a thank you for the work I have done for two colleagues. So $250 worth of fabric. WOW!  Continue reading Fabric Shopping!