Fabric Shopping!

happy fabric shopping

A fabric store in the area had a deal on living social in Fall last year. One voucher for $25 bought you $50 worth of fabric. Sounds great, right? So I bought 2 for me and then a few days later, I was surprised with 3 more as a thank you for the work I have done for two colleagues. So $250 worth of fabric. WOW! 

I spent two vouchers in December but as life kept me busy, I did not have the enthusiasm to go shopping. GASP, I know. I knew the vouchers were expiring (the bonus value, I could still spend them for the $25 value of each) but I was OK with that. Well, well, then Facebook happened. The store decided to extend the voucher’s values for one more week. Sure enough, that was motivation enough to make me go.

Here’s what I got for $165:

happy fabric shopping
happy fabric shopping

I know it doesn’t look like a lot but it is (weighs a ton) and this place has really nice fabrics too, that I don’t find or can’t afford at my local Joanns.  Some of these I got at the remnant table. Score! The bold prints in the back I want to use for bags, the darker ones for office clothing, there are some nice jersey knits in there and on the bottom right these are 2 panels of pleather.

My special someone has a project for me and he needed a sturdy fabric. This is what I got. If it’s not for him it’ll be a nice purse. Oh, and I also got a quilting ruler for triangles. I think in total it’s like 25 yards or so. Mission accomplished!

Now I have to do some school work to keep my bad conscious at bay and maybe I get to sew some tonight. Wheeeee!

Happy sewing,



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