When to stop sewing

When you are tired, when things just don’t seem right, when you have made little mistakes that you normally would not, THAT’S WHEN IT’S TIME TO STOP!

Of course we know this, and yet we (I) sew on. Well, my bad. I broke the upper knife of my serger so now I have to take a break. And there I was thinking that I was really making progress on my first pair of pants…

Now what’s even worse is that I didn’t realize until a few minutes ago that it’s not the whole machine that is broken. I can still sew, just not serge….aiaiai…I swear, my brain is weird today.

Happy sewing,



4 thoughts on “When to stop sewing

  1. I feel your pain. Sometimes it is sooo difficult to stop because you need/want to finish but in reality you just keep making things worse with each seam you attempt to sew. You’ll get better at knowing when to stop at some point.

    1. So true! I was so excited to make pants and have things come together that I just didn’t realize when it was time to stop, lol. Happy sewing! ~ Franzi

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