Sisboom Judy’s Fancy Pants

Sis Boom Judy's Fancy Pants

So the other day when I managed to break my virtually new serger’s knife? I was working on Sis Boom Judy’s Fancy Pants. I had seen pictures of the pants on facebook and I was fascinated by the fact that they seemed to be easy to do, fit many different body shapes, and yes, the fact that everyone whas ooing and aaaing over them was fascinating as well.

I had been meaning to make lounge pants for a while and realized that this is my time. So I bought the pattern, printed the instructions, and got to work. What I wanted was a “wearable muslin” – just a simple version of the pants, no pockets, no piping, just lounge pants. I had this couch potato flannel for a while, meaning to turn it into PJ pants, so I was OK with the pants being a potential disaster (worst case) or super comfy pants (best case).

Mind you, I have never made pants before so I had no idea what goes in to it, how difficult it is etc. I decided to cut a size 4 with 30 inch inseam. Here is how they turned out:

Sis Boom Judy's Fancy Pants
Sis Boom Judy’s Fancy Pants

Please excuse the mess in the background. I had to hijack the teen’s room because she has this mirror on the door… Ignore the top of the pants, please, I messed up there. The fit is generally good. I was borderline with the darts so I initially didn’t plan on them, but once I had the pants on, decided to wing them. Hence, I have 2 bumps on the butt now because I didn’t bother to check the pattern how deep the darts go.

Sis Boom Judy's Fancy Pants
Sis Boom Judy’s Fancy Pants

Nice over the shoulder action here…hehehe. Like I said, the pants fit nicely and I can definitely see these working as office pants too. Just a different fabric, with pockets added and boom. I think next time I’m cutting down on the flare though, it’s a little wide for my taste.

Sis Boom Judy's Fancy Pants
Sis Boom Judy’s Fancy Pants

The pattern is very easy to alter as you see all the flare lines for the smaller sizes so you can just pick one of those to decrease the flare.

I am already planning on making the next pair, this time with pockets and a more street-worthy fabric. These pants are for anyone with basic sewing experience who can sew a somewhat straight line. The pattern fits size 0 to 3x – incredibly versatile! You do not need a serger to make these pants! As you can see, I finished it without them.

Happy sewing!



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