Time for some presents!

Flamingo Infinity Scarf

I’m on a roll! Getting sewing projects done two days in a row is very unusual for me.

infinity scarfs
infinity scarfs

I whipped out two infinity scarfs. The one with the flamingos is for my friend in Germany. We have this weird obsession with flamingos and when she sent me a birthday package with a lego flamingo in it I knew I had to cut into my flamingo fabric. So this is what I made:

Flamingo Infinity Scarf
Flamingo Infinity Scarf

Isn’t this gorgeous? I love this fabric. It has some weight to it and drapes so nicely. The other scarf I made is for my sister. She turns 32 next week so I was kind of late in making and mailing it. It’s difficult to give my sister gifts. She’s one of those people who don’t have a definite obsession with something. If she does she hasn’t mentioned it. Anyways, the scarf looks like Spring and I hope she’ll like it.

polka dot infinity scarf
polka dot infinity scarf

I also made a scarf a while ago for myself. The fabric is actually black and white but in the picture it has this bluish tint. Just ignore.

black/white infinity scarf
black/white infinity scarf

What do you think? Pretty presents?

The downside was that mailing each one cost me close to 10 dollars. I really think my post office is ripping me off. How can something that weighs less than 3 ounces be so expensive?

Thinking about making an infinity scarf? Go for it!

Happy sewing,


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