Bina Brianca knock-off

bina brianca wrap knock-off

Let me preface this post by saying that even though this piece looks fairly easy to make, I think it is very difficult to get the fit juuuust right. There’s a reason why the original is selling like hot cakes because fitting this at home is a challenge!

I heard about the Bina Brianca (or Bina Bianca as I often call it…that “r” in there is just so difficult for me to remember) wrap a while ago through Pinterest and this blog. I read the tutorial and it looked fairly easy, so I figured it shouldn’t be that difficult to sew. 

Fast forward to me getting a serger this Christmas and having some great finds at a local fabric store and I knew I FINALLY needed to tackle this project.

So I read the instructions again, measured, read, measured again, and then got ready to cut. I cut the main back panel 1.20m by .95m and the sides .4m x .95m. Once I had it all serged together I put it on and…was not amused. It just didn’t look like the pictures on the blog and what you can find online. It seemed very baggy and sacky, and if you look closely, the armholes came out below my elbow which gave it a very “straight jacket-y” feel.

I was very disappointed but knew I made a mistake somewhere…on an item that has 2 seams, I made a mistake. Way to go Franzi! Anyways, I reread the instructions after sulking a little and realized that the main panel is supposed to be a square. Well mine certainly wasn’t even close with 1.2m x .95m so in my mind I was wondering what would happen if I shortened the width of the back panel. I

Today I took some before pictures and then got out my pins and shortened the back. Putting it on with the shorter panel, I could already tell that it felt much better. So I got out my rotary cutter and mat and went ahead and cut a 20cm strip out off the main back panel. Back to my serger and a few minutes later it was done. The first fitting: amazing. It was so much more comfortable and just shorter overall.

In the picture, the top row is the before and the bottom row the after. You can tell by where my elbow is how much the fit changed.

bina brianca wrap knock-off (before top/after bottom)
bina brianca wrap knock-off (before top/after bottom)

Immediately afterwards, I tried on several ways to wear it. It falls so nicely, don’t you think? The top row is the poncho version and the bottom is the one-shoulder-head-through-the-other-hole version, whatever that is called.

bina brianca wrap knock-off
bina brianca wrap knock-off

I love this little outfit and all in all, it cost me about $4 since I used about 1 yard of knit fabric (after the alteration, that is). Can you believe that this fabric was on the scrap pile?

I have another knit, with a similar weight but in a rose color. I think I’ll make one with that and then maybe one in black too. Aaaaah, I think I’m hooked!

In case you are wondering, I have not put the snaps in yet. I have snaps at home but I am not sure if the fabric is sturdy for them. As alternative, I could put in buttons and a loop. For now I’ll just wear it without those options. Happy to show it off in the office tomorrow 🙂

Happy sewing,




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