It’s a job!!!

it's a job

Folks, something incredible happened today: I was offered a job!

I had been applying for the past 6 weeks, but mostly because of my work authorization (I am an international student on OPT), never made it past the initial interview. Noone wants to hire someone who’ll require sponsorship to do the job for more than a year. And I get that, it’s a risk. But at the same time I felt incredibly offended because clearly, they must have seen something in my CV for being interested in the first place.

For every interview, I would get my hopes up, prepare, be ready….and then the third or fourth question would be about the sponsorship and boom, “thank you, not interested”.

Well, this one company that has gotten to know me through a class project also interviewed me and actually called me back for a second round. There was a lot of back and forth, I did a consultancy for them, but still, no word on the job application. Well, today I got the call: They want me!

It’s a full-time job with benefits and all – wow! I am elated! The negotiation part (salary and benefits) starts tomorrow so I have to once again be prepared. But I am just happy that after 8 short weeks of job hunting (which seemed like forever, let’s not kid ourselves here) I have found something. Wow!

Totally happy and way too excited to sew! 😉



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