Making pattern weights

pattern weights

Though I’ve done some sewing here and there in the last weeks, none of that were projects worthy of displaying.
Today, I stuck to non-sewing and made me some cute pattern weights.

pattern weights made from 1.5 in washers (2 glued together, then wrapped with ribbon)

I used washers I got at the hardware store (25 for 6.95$). I superglued two together and then wrapped them with ribbon I got during a sale at Joanns.

Aren’t they gorgeous? In case you are not sure what to use pattern weights for, they are used to hold a pattern on fabric so you don’t have to pin the pattern down.

I have used some weights before but they aren’t smooth and especially for fine fabric, they are just too rough.

So now I have these cute sewing buddies to help me.

Happy sewing,


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