In which I attempted a Christmas tree skirt

Christmas Tree Skirt

Dear readers,

A tree skirt is just a round (sometimes squared) thing with a hole in the center and one side cut open. Right? That should be fairly easy to do. Well, I had Christmas fabric left over and thought, I could just “wing it” and make a skirt as a Christmas present. Oh, oh, oh, do not be fooled into thinking that you can just wing a tree skirt….I make patchwork panels and sort of half way through I realized that I should have thought about the angles a little better….this is not my best work. In case you are wondering, yes, I had to add the red because the fabric stripes did not yield enough of a “circle” and when I ran out of red I made the “closing triangles” out of the lighter fabric…funny how it looks like this was what I was going for all along 🙂

Christmas Tree Skirt - close up
Christmas Tree Skirt – close up
Christmas Tree Skirt
Christmas Tree Skirt

However, I am not overly critical with this one because for winging it, I think it looks pretty darn good.

This was a big experiment all around because it was also the first time that I used my serger to make ruffles. And not only that. I also figured out that the serger comes with different feet, one of which ruffles AND attaches at the same time. Well, hello there!

Granted, for that particular process, I should have probably practiced more, but overall, it went OK. The ruffles were ruffled, and attached for the most part. Because my backing fabric is felt, the foot sometimes had trouble feeding this part when attaching it to the ruffles, but overall, it went well, as you can see.

Now I think I’m pretty much done with Christmas presents. Great feeling!

If you’re still working on your presents, keep at it! Christmas is around the corner.

Happy sewing,



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