2015 Inspiration and Design Challenge – January

log cabin block

Sewing is difficult for me these last few days. I am going through a lot of emotional turmoil and sewing is difficult for me. Just can’t focus.

However, before this all started, I managed to somewhat complete my January challenge for the 2015 Inspiration and Design Challenge. I was inspired by Continue reading 2015 Inspiration and Design Challenge – January


Working on the second jelly roll quilt

Jelly Roll Quilt Sandwich

I’ve started to work on the second quilt of the sibling set. It’s all sandwiched and secured with safety pins. Continue reading Working on the second jelly roll quilt

One of the sibling quilts is done!

Jelly Roll Quilt

Do you remember my sibling quilt tops? Well, last week I got around to finishing the first top. It was my first quilt in three years and oh boy…it shows. Lots of puckering (up close) and other issues. So about half way in, I decided to make this quilt a practice piece (aka not a gift) and vowed to be more diligent with the second one. Continue reading One of the sibling quilts is done!

2015 Sewing Challenge – January

So as you may know, I decided to do the 2015 Sewing/Design/Inspiration challenge. The task for January is to create a mood board and then make something with that in mind.

I found that I have a hard time making a mood board because that’s not quite how my creative juices flow. I collect a TON of ideas on pinterest but I couldn’t widdle those Continue reading 2015 Sewing Challenge – January

Make your own jelly roll! 2 sample quilt tops

men's shirt jelly roll quilt top

Ever since I heard about jelly roll quilts and jelly roll races, I wanted to try one. But for one reason or another, I never found a roll that I liked or had other projects going….it just never seemed to happen for me. Until these Christmas holidays when I realized that I had one Continue reading Make your own jelly roll! 2 sample quilt tops

Reusable wine tote – perfect to wrap a gift bottle in

wine bottle rusable gift wrap

I am very much into practical sewing. I like sewing items that will be used. So when I came across this cotton fabric with printed wine bottles on them, I thought I can make nice wine bottle bags – perfect when you’re invited to a friend’s house and you’re bringing a bottle as Continue reading Reusable wine tote – perfect to wrap a gift bottle in

My spot on Christmas gifts

christmas stocking

Sorry I was MIA over the holidays. I was sleeping a lot and tried to keep the boat that is this family afloat. Something almost magical (call it a Christmas miracle) happened on the 24th. We were celebrating with friends and as gifts I had made them a tree skirt and stockings. As soon as we entered their house, my friend apologized that they did not have a tree skirt or stockings because she could not find the box she stored them in. Continue reading My spot on Christmas gifts