2015 Inspiration and Design Challenge – January

log cabin block

Sewing is difficult for me these last few days. I am going through a lot of emotional turmoil and sewing is difficult for me. Just can’t focus.

However, before this all started, I managed to somewhat complete my January challenge for the 2015 Inspiration and Design Challenge. I was inspired by the log cabin quilt block.

Mood Board January
Mood Board January

I like the versatility of the block as you can create various pattern illusions depending on how you rotate the blocks.

I decided to use scrap fabric and just started sewing. Maybe I should have read some directions because of course I ended up ripping up seams because I did the block wrong…oh well, you live you learn.

log cabin block
log cabin block

These blocks are only laid out but not sewn yet. That’s when the sh!t hit the fan and my focus went out the door.

Anyways, I enjoyed my January challenge and I hope I have the courage and mojo to continue.

Happy sewing,



6 thoughts on “2015 Inspiration and Design Challenge – January

    1. thanks sharon. looks like i’m getting rid of 220 pounds 😉 i hope to find my mojo again. i love sewing but i just can’t focus at the moment. and ripping out stitches would make me cry, lol. done with crying. happy sewing ~ franzi

  1. Hi Franzi, I too am interested in the log cabin quilt blocks, and getting rid of some excess baggage. Usually if I can just get started I forget my woes and sew all day. Your board has inspired me. Thanks, Chris

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