Back in the saddle, sort of

new seat cushion covers

My life has taken a complete 180. In the last two months, I had to realize that the love of my life is not who I thought he is and that our relationship was not going to go anywhere. Sometimes two people just get along well but are not supposed to be together. And I took action to preserve my sanity and moved out. After five years of being in a relationship, I am on my own again. It’s been a rough ride but also a very freeing one. I am still hurt, I have A LOT to work through because the bottom line is, I want to come out of this stronger and better.

It will take me a while to find back to myself. And honestly, I did not feel like sewing. All my stuff was packed up, I was busy trying to understand what in the world was going on…but little by little, I felt the will to sew again.

So I started slow, VERY slow, and VERY small. I made seat cushion covers and curtains. Wow, I know. Not quite the kind of projects I am used to but I had fun making them

new seat cushion covers
new seat cushion covers

So here it is, my first work in close to three months.

I got a baby quilt in the works and also plan on using my stash up as much as I can because one thing moving my shit across town has taught me: I have a lot of fabric!

Happy sewing,



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