What I’m working on

detail modern quilt

I’m still alive and still sewing though the wonderful Spring and early Summer weather has me spend a lot of time outdoors and less in front of my machine.

This is a quilt I started over a year ago and it is a graduation present for a special teenager in my life. It’s not easy, emotionally, to work on these projects as I am constantly being reminded of my last three years and the wonderful life I had. But it was the right decision to move on overall. It’s just a few lose ends I have to tie up.

detail modern quilt
detail modern quilt

Quilting is therapy for me. Now that I am actually off the medication I took for the last year (yes, my relationship was making me sick and I needed medication to deal with it…) I feel like I need to sew even more to keep me balanced, or distracted….we’ll see. Just being outdoors helps too.

I’ve been single for three months now. Time flew by…in a way it feels like things happened yesterday, and then again like it was a year ago. Let’s keep sewing!



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