Triangle Quilt Finished (finally!)

triangle quilt7

If you’ve read my blog since January, you know I was going through a rough patch in life. The relationship with the man I had seen my future with and whose family I considered my own broke apart and with that, the work on quilts I had started with love turned into a painful reminder that my life had changed.

But I keep my promises and just like this quilt that I had promised to a family member, I continued to work on a quilt for the daughter. I had collected the fabric for this quilt for over a year before I got started. Every time she was with me at a fabric store, I pretended I was looking for some special fabric and asked her for her input. Hence, the fabrics in this quilt have all been chosen by her.

Once I had the triangles cut, I had her help me with the layout, since she has a very mathematical brain and the layout was quite a challenge. No same fabrics are touching each other. All that was left was the actual sewing and quilting….

After I moved out, my sewing mojo left me, and if it hadn’t been for some gentle pushes from my future nudging me to leave my past behind, I would still struggle to finish this quilt.

Yet, it is done, and I am quite happy with it.

triangle quilt7
triangel quilt7
triangle quilt8
triangel quilt8
triangle quilt6
triangel quilt6
triangle quilt5
triangel quilt5
triangle quilt4
triangel quilt4
triangle quilt3
triangel quilt3
triangle quilt2
triangel quilt2
triangel quilt1
triangel quilt1

It is far from perfect. I just wanted to get it over with so stitches I would normally have ripped out and redone, I left in. I ran out of the perfectly matching thread so the FMQ on top is done in two different gray colors. Oh well…it is done, and I think I can give it away. Now all that’s left is to schedule the drop-off.

To all the quilters out there, if you struggle with the piece, keep on working on it. Sewing and quilting truly is therapy.

Happy sewing,



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