Branching out

A lot has happened in the last months. I know I keep on saying that but it’s actually true. I moved and because I had to do it on the cheap, it took forever. One car load per weekend. Finally, everything was in my new place the last weekend in May and now I am still unpacking. Nowhere near having my sewing stuff set up…

So, what’s a girl to do? Right, pick up a new craft! I re-learned how to crochet. Back in elementary school I learned the basics but I didn’t continue crocheting beyond age 8 or 9.

What am I working on? A 2016 temperature blanket! Why? Now that I am stuck with this project, I have no idea…I saw this post on pinterest where you take the average daily temperature and that equals one row in the blanket. Well, turns out that since I wanted a large blanket, one row takes me about one hour.

So basically, the average temperature of January 1 in DC was in the 40s so that row is crochet in the 40s color I selected. The next day is in the 30s so that gets the 30s color. Then 2 days in the 40s so two rows of 40s color etc. I am on January 19 now….yikes. I might be done with the first quarter by Christmas.

Even though it takes me a long time, I love this project so far. The colors are great (Bernat Yarn) and I like how soft it is.

More updates to follow!

Happy sewing,



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