Time for some patches on a motorcycle jacket!

motorcycle jacket6

I have a very special person in my life who allowed me to put patches onto his motorcycle jacket. I had never done patches, and never worked with such a sturdy item as a motorcycle jacket before. So needless to say that I was worried and not sure Continue reading Time for some patches on a motorcycle jacket!


World’s easiest cardigan

world's fastest cardigan

I am addicted to sewing anything that looks expensive but is very simple to do. Imagine my delight when I heard about the world’s fastest cardigan. I found instructions on this German blog (no worries, the pictures tell it all, Continue reading World’s easiest cardigan

My Back to School Poncho

I have been meaning to make myself something before I go back to school and a recent discovery of Flannel fabric at Hancock Fabric brought the inspiration.I felt the softness of the fabric, saw the pattern and knew this was going to be my poncho. A while back, I pinned Rachel’s tutorial on how to sew a wool poncho and all I was waiting for was the right fabric.

Continue reading My Back to School Poncho