World’s easiest cardigan

world's fastest cardigan

I am addicted to sewing anything that looks expensive but is very simple to do. Imagine my delight when I heard about the world’s fastest cardigan. I found instructions on this German blog (no worries, the pictures tell it all, Continue reading World’s easiest cardigan


Review – Jocole Ladies Skinny Pants

Jocole Ladies Skinny Pants - petite full length

The Jocole Ladies Skinny pant pattern is suitable for beginners – all you have to be able to do is measure yourself, cut fabric, and keep track of front and back pieces. The pattern offers a long version (both for petite, tall, and regular length), as well as a capri, bermuda, and shorts version. Continue reading Review – Jocole Ladies Skinny Pants

Bina Brianca knock-off

bina brianca wrap knock-off

Let me preface this post by saying that even though this piece looks fairly easy to make, I think it is very difficult to get the fit juuuust right. There’s a reason why the original is selling like hot cakes because fitting this at home is a challenge!

I heard about the Bina Brianca (or Bina Bianca as I often call it…that “r” in there is just so difficult for me to remember) wrap a while ago through Pinterest and this blog. I read the tutorial and it looked fairly easy, so I figured it shouldn’t be that difficult to sew.  Continue reading Bina Brianca knock-off