Genius baby swaddle blanket

swaddle fleece blanket

Sometimes the best things are sewn late at night. In one of my Facebook sewing groups, someone posted a picture of a star shaped swaddle blanket. I found the link on Pinterest and here it is.

I didn’t have time to make a pattern but I went by the general measurements given to make sure the size is appropriate. Once I had the five star points, Continue reading Genius baby swaddle blanket


Welcome Baby Bista

baby quilt

EDIT: I just realized that this was never published…sorry about that!

Back in March I worked on a baby quilt for a friend. She was pregnant with her second child and I wanted to give them something special.  Continue reading Welcome Baby Bista

Welcome to this world baby Kinley!

baby present

I love making things for babies. When friends of ours recently announced that their nursery colors were gray, white, and pink, I knew I had just the right fabric to make something. I didn’t want to go overboard so I created a little name banner. But as life will have it, I wasn’t allowed to mention the name to anyone else before her birth. Continue reading Welcome to this world baby Kinley!

Diapers, diapers, diapers

Teeny Tears Diapers in the making

This semester is easily the busiest I have had. It is also my last. I will graduate in May and that means, writing my capstone, writing all the other regular class assignments, and looking for a job. Oh, and work 20 hours on campus. It’s all coming together and sometimes I really wonder if I can do it all. Continue reading Diapers, diapers, diapers

TeenyTears Bereavement Diapers – Sewing for the smallest angels

Teeny Tears diapers

I know I have been absent for quite a while. I wasn’t doing too swell. The stress of the last six months was getting to me.

It took me a while to finish my latest project. In December, I heard about Teeny Tears, an organization that donates bereavement diapers (and sometimes blankets, hats, and other items) to hospitals and birthing centers. Continue reading TeenyTears Bereavement Diapers – Sewing for the smallest angels

baby activity pillow

This is a recap of one of my first sewing projects: a baby activity pillow. It rustles when you touch it only so slightly which makes it a great baby gift. I used some fluffy fabric and a different patterned cotton fabric to make a nice 9-patch. Basically, the pillow is one giant square in the center framed by four patterned stripes and four small squares. The front and back of the pillow are the same but you could also just make it one solid fabric.

Continue reading baby activity pillow