Branching out

A lot has happened in the last months. I know I keep on saying that but it’s actually true. I moved and because I had to do it on the cheap, it took forever. One car load per weekend. Finally, everything was in my new place the last weekend in May and now I am still unpacking. Nowhere near having Continue reading Branching out


Never too early to start on Christmas presents

African Goddess batik quilt

About two year ago I bought these beautiful batik African Goddess fabrics from Hancock Fabrics. I also got a matching purple and intended to turn it all into a quilt for a dear friend who is like a mom and sister and friend to me (is there a word for that?).  Continue reading Never too early to start on Christmas presents

Rag quilt that turns into a sleeping bag

girl rag quilt

So I am in the process of reducing my stash and rag quilts are a great way to do that. I started this girl rag quilt (for my niece) a few weeks ago but only now got around to take pictures.

This is the quilt washed once and put in the dryer 3 times. Continue reading Rag quilt that turns into a sleeping bag

Working on my first rag quilt

rag quilt in the making

Sometimes in life you just have to truck on. That’s how I feel right now. I have highs and lows but I am mostly on the good side of things. Sewing is my therapy and I am determined to reduce my stash of fabrics to help me in downsizing.

So I started on my first rag quilt. Continue reading Working on my first rag quilt

Burlap table runner with lace

burlap table runner

It’s Fall which means it’s slowly getting colder and my urge to nest is intensifying. Though I sew a lot, I typically don’t sew for our house, but this time around I made an exception. Last christmas, I made my first table runner and I decided it was time for the next one.  Continue reading Burlap table runner with lace