Never too early to start on Christmas presents

African Goddess batik quilt

About two year ago I bought these beautiful batik African Goddess fabrics from Hancock Fabrics. I also got a matching purple and intended to turn it all into a quilt for a dear friend who is like a mom and sister and friend to me (is there a word for that?).  Continue reading Never too early to start on Christmas presents


Genius baby swaddle blanket

swaddle fleece blanket

Sometimes the best things are sewn late at night. In one of my Facebook sewing groups, someone posted a picture of a star shaped swaddle blanket. I found the link on Pinterest and here it is.

I didn’t have time to make a pattern but I went by the general measurements given to make sure the size is appropriate. Once I had the five star points, Continue reading Genius baby swaddle blanket

More rag quilts – I may be addicted

rag quilt detail 2

I am right now working on my THIRD rag quilt. Three in less than 2 weeks…yep, the bug has caught me.

I’ve been trying different edge finishes to see what would hold up best. Below are two close-ups of the double edge I’ve been trying out. Continue reading More rag quilts – I may be addicted

Reusable wine tote – perfect to wrap a gift bottle in

wine bottle rusable gift wrap

I am very much into practical sewing. I like sewing items that will be used. So when I came across this cotton fabric with printed wine bottles on them, I thought I can make nice wine bottle bags – perfect when you’re invited to a friend’s house and you’re bringing a bottle as Continue reading Reusable wine tote – perfect to wrap a gift bottle in

Welcome to this world baby Kinley!

baby present

I love making things for babies. When friends of ours recently announced that their nursery colors were gray, white, and pink, I knew I had just the right fabric to make something. I didn’t want to go overboard so I created a little name banner. But as life will have it, I wasn’t allowed to mention the name to anyone else before her birth. Continue reading Welcome to this world baby Kinley!

World’s easiest cardigan

world's fastest cardigan

I am addicted to sewing anything that looks expensive but is very simple to do. Imagine my delight when I heard about the world’s fastest cardigan. I found instructions on this German blog (no worries, the pictures tell it all, Continue reading World’s easiest cardigan