Time for some patches on a motorcycle jacket!

motorcycle jacket6

I have a very special person in my life who allowed me to put patches onto his motorcycle jacket. I had never done patches, and never worked with such a sturdy item as a motorcycle jacket before. So needless to say that I was worried and not sure Continue reading Time for some patches on a motorcycle jacket!


pattern stuck

patchwork table runner version 1

I’ve been meaning to do a Christmas themed table runner for a while now and today was the day. I cut my strips and started sewing. And then, I was stuck. I don’t really know what happened, but I had this glory idea of what it would look like and now it looks nothing like it… Continue reading pattern stuck

Patchwork table tops

patchwork table top

Who would have thought that life during grad school winter break can be so busy? A birthday (the scooter placemats were a hit), a visit to the ER (we are regulars there, unfortunately…the last 5 months have not been kind to us), a poster proposal for a conference…I am busy! Continue reading Patchwork table tops