Never too early to start on Christmas presents

African Goddess batik quilt

About two year ago I bought these beautiful batik African Goddess fabrics from Hancock Fabrics. I also got a matching purple and intended to turn it all into a quilt for a dear friend who is like a mom and sister and friend to me (is there a word for that?).  Continue reading Never too early to start on Christmas presents


Review McCalls 6563 View A

McCalls 6563 View A

I finally had time to sew again. With the new job around the corner, I was busy wrapping up my current job, and with life, and with getting a cold…well, you get it. Continue reading Review McCalls 6563 View A

Sisboom Judy’s Fancy Pants

Sis Boom Judy's Fancy Pants

So the other day when I managed to break my virtually new serger’s knife? I was working on Sis Boom Judy’s Fancy Pants. I had seen pictures of the pants on facebook and I was fascinated by the fact that they seemed to be easy to do, fit many different body shapes, and yes, the fact that everyone whas ooing and aaaing over them was fascinating as well. Continue reading Sisboom Judy’s Fancy Pants

pattern stuck

patchwork table runner version 1

I’ve been meaning to do a Christmas themed table runner for a while now and today was the day. I cut my strips and started sewing. And then, I was stuck. I don’t really know what happened, but I had this glory idea of what it would look like and now it looks nothing like it… Continue reading pattern stuck