Never too early to start on Christmas presents

African Goddess batik quilt

About two year ago I bought these beautiful batik African Goddess fabrics from Hancock Fabrics. I also got a matching purple and intended to turn it all into a quilt for a dear friend who is like a mom and sister and friend to me (is there a word for that?).  Continue reading Never too early to start on Christmas presents


Shark Sleeping Bag

shark sleeping bag

I love this gift! This Christmas I had the honor of sewing for three little ones aged 5 (boy), 6 (girl) and 8 (girl). While the girls got mermaid tail sleeping bags, I decided to make a shark sleeping bag! Continue reading Shark Sleeping Bag

Sewing crisis…where is my mojo?

detail modern quilt

People, I am in a slump again. The quilt I posted about last time? I am still working on it. It hit me the other day that it won’t be appreciated because let’s face it, it is going to the teenage daughter of my ex who has no concept of the time and energy it takes to produce this.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful because it is a gift and you shouldn’t expect anything back. But I’d rather spend my time doing other things than making this quilt….and it’s showing in the quilt.  Continue reading Sewing crisis…where is my mojo?

Back in the saddle, sort of

new seat cushion covers

My life has taken a complete 180. In the last two months, I had to realize that the love of my life is not who I thought he is and that our relationship was not going to go anywhere. Sometimes two people just get along well but are not supposed to be together. And I took action to preserve my sanity Continue reading Back in the saddle, sort of

One of the sibling quilts is done!

Jelly Roll Quilt

Do you remember my sibling quilt tops? Well, last week I got around to finishing the first top. It was my first quilt in three years and oh boy…it shows. Lots of puckering (up close) and other issues. So about half way in, I decided to make this quilt a practice piece (aka not a gift) and vowed to be more diligent with the second one. Continue reading One of the sibling quilts is done!

Reusable wine tote – perfect to wrap a gift bottle in

wine bottle rusable gift wrap

I am very much into practical sewing. I like sewing items that will be used. So when I came across this cotton fabric with printed wine bottles on them, I thought I can make nice wine bottle bags – perfect when you’re invited to a friend’s house and you’re bringing a bottle as Continue reading Reusable wine tote – perfect to wrap a gift bottle in