Bina Brianca knock-off

bina brianca wrap knock-off

Let me preface this post by saying that even though this piece looks fairly easy to make, I think it is very difficult to get the fit juuuust right. There’s a reason why the original is selling like hot cakes because fitting this at home is a challenge!

I heard about the Bina Brianca (or Bina Bianca as I often call it…that “r” in there is just so difficult for me to remember) wrap a while ago through Pinterest and this blog. I read the tutorial and it looked fairly easy, so I figured it shouldn’t be that difficult to sew.  Continue reading Bina Brianca knock-off


My Back to School Poncho

I have been meaning to make myself something before I go back to school and a recent discovery of Flannel fabric at Hancock Fabric brought the inspiration.I felt the softness of the fabric, saw the pattern and knew this was going to be my poncho. A while back, I pinned Rachel’s tutorial on how to sew a wool poncho and all I was waiting for was the right fabric.

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Probably the best zipper tutorial EVER

I never understood the whole zipper thing. Like many things in life, the theory of what a zipper does and how it sits in your garment was clear to me but the practical aspect (how do you get the zipper there????) was a big mystery. So I tried and tried, and tried some more until I realized I may be better at putting snaps in to close up whatever I sew. Continue reading Probably the best zipper tutorial EVER